Friday, 30 December 2016

A Comeback , A 2017 New Year's Resolution

Hi ! It has been a long time, a looooong time indeed. 

As much as I enjoy blogging and reading other blogs, I seemed to have taken four years to get back to it as I was pretty much 'enjoying' adjusting my lifestyle to be an  independent individual.
Looking back at my previous posts, I was in the university, still a student and had pretty much time in my hand. Well, as people say, adulthood is time consuming.
As the 2017 approaches, I hope that I would start the engine of blogging and share my adventures and life. 

Currently living in South Korea with my better half, loving life, experiencing seasons which were alien to me, learning a new language (Hanguel), meeting so many people of different nationalities and a whole bunch of colors that are slowing filling up my blank page coloring page.
Welcome me with your love :)