Thursday, 11 November 2010

What we think is What we get...

Truly as it is said...What we think is what we actually get from life.Everything around us evolves from what we put in our thinking cap.
Sometimes,we tend to be negative without realizing that it is the reason of the shortcomings that happens in our life.
To make a more meaningful life,we have to take things positively in our mind.Change the mindset,it will automatically change the way you take life.

We might have lost some money somehow.How would some of us react being negative?
This negative person would have taken that matter so badly by thinking about the lost,cry losing the money and just being sad about it.That is definitely a bad way to do it,as u might have actually wasted your time being negative when you could have got it back somehow by earning or looking for it.

How about a positive person? This person would take the matter lighter by having it in thoughts that money is something we could earn back somehow.Probably,the money is gone now because he/she would have borrowed some one's money before and have not pay them back and this could be the time to pay the debt,in other words,take that lost as Karma...

So,peeps...what u think about a situation makes of what you get or how u look at life.Issues dealt by many of us are the same,the difference is how we will take it.BE positive and all is well :)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Expectations by Me & my dead BFF,Charles Dickens

Exam for my novel is just 2 days away and truly felt, it’s too late to have the perfect period of time of an effective revision .Though so, I’m going to give my best shot. I’ve just started reading the novel ‘Great Expectation’ by Charles Dickens .Ok, just the summary and yea,i have the novel with me, beside me looking as new as it was in the bookstore before i bought it months ago.

Great Expectations~ Expectations?? What is that? It’s simply said that it is something that one is looking forward for in the future. The good part about expectations is that you will be motivated to get what u have desired and having that attraction to own it. The bad effect of expectations is that many tend to get very upset when they do not get what have been expecting.

We can’t avoid the part when we get upset for not achieving what we have been expecting but all we can do ,in a very positive way is to strive harder to do better and have a even bigger expectation which would make it even much better than what we have expected.