Monday, 27 August 2012

It brings JOY

At one point of my life, I was thinking it is going to be horrible being stuck in a school environment my whole life but now I beg to differ. I totally love it.
I think being an educator seems so much of fun than any profession I can think of. 

Dealing with young kids who are  innocent makes me feel so good.
When lessons are going on , they trust the teacher very much.Here I am, happily taking the responsibility in loving what I do and enjoying every bit of the effort to be taken.

Currently,  I am teaching at my alma mater. Now, my teachers are my colleagues. It was weird and awkward at first, but eventually adapted to it as I still do call them 'Teacher'.

Today,after being away from the girls for 1 1/2 weeks for the Raya break, they just screamed out of excitement as I entered the classroom. For few minutes,I felt like a celebrity. Hahax! It was delightful to see the children are actually excited to start their lesson as I always believed, lessons are made very meaningful through colourful lessons. The joy in their eyes gives me great pleasure to teach them with all my heart. Totally a bliss!

Out of the blue while teaching, the Year 1 girls would randomly approach me and give me gifts, very innocent with a loving heart. They would actually parcel their favourite possessions like their pencils, erasers or even key-chains,being so speechless, I will return it to them saying that I would love them to use it instead. Not knowing how to show their love to me, these young girls would draw pictures of flowers,hearts or even me to give it to me. How thoughtful!

From these little moves these young kids, we adults forget how to love and appreciate people around us. There are so much to learn from these kids and I thank God for the blessing given to experience this wonderful journey of life. 

Friday, 24 August 2012

Defining the Imperfect Me

Who am I?
 It's a question many may ponder upon a long time and then struggle to define themselves after much thoughts. Some may be confident that they are what they are, not knowing that they have not found themselves defined in their personal dictionary.

Defining myself has been an awesome journey, I never knew that I would be utilizing this much of colours in my life. My self-discovery journey has changed a lot about me where I have the least expectations in life.I just carry on life with what it offers me and enjoy what the present gives me.
For instance, I do not have an imaginary thinking about what my future life partner would even be like, I accept whoever who can accept me *period*

My journey of life has been very exciting where I met tonnes of awesome and not-so-awesome (lol) people who taught me how the world is really like. I have travelled almost half the globe, ate almost all kinds of food, fell in love with all sorts of art, appreciated almost everything that life have shown me, achieving dreams that once I thought impossible, met all sorts of people, listened and figured out alien languages, read just many genres, made people smile, people made me happy and it goes on. 

I like the part where I do not pursue my life in meeting people who fulfil my expectations and desires. I just meet them with mutual interest and the amount of things I learn and discover from that one person is massive. I find that I am very much flexible about life and enjoying every bit of life. 
Life is an adventure and the journey is simply mind-blowing.

I maybe inked,I could be a fashionista, I love to listen to songs and dance, but that really does not make me a wild girl as many have presumed about me. I am just a typical girl brought up in a much spiritual journey because of my family background, who is so against smoking and drinking because I find it so unhealthy and it being a silly lifestyle. Most people tend to be surprised when they discovery the other part of me  and the worst part that I am totally a bummer at  meeting new people. 

Personally, I do not judge people. God created everyone of us uniquely different, many cannot seem to accept the differences that one can portray. It is a sad thing that people judge others by their looks and lifestyle when they fail to realize that he/she may be struggling from something we may not be aware of which is hidden.
No one is perfect, even you and me. I am doing it perfectly, being the imperfect Me.
- Miss Cookie Cream

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Are you the 'actual' you?

People fail to define themselves as not knowing who they actually are. What we tend to do is trying to follow what exactly others do and forcefully imitate the actions and thoughts,trying to be someone else and miserably fail in being good or happy about it. An eternal happiness is not attained and life goes meaningless. Most of the time, it happens unintentionally.

Thinking over the years studying psychology and reading the massive amount of books about life, I changed my mind about life; we should live our life very much meaningful.  I am in the process of achieving my self-actualization and how about you?

Self-actualization is a  concept  brought most fully to prominence in the famous Abraham Maslow's theory as the final level of psychological development.
"What a man can be, he must be. This need we may call self-actualization…It refers to the desire for self-fulfillment, namely, to the tendency for him to become actualized in what he is potentially. This tendency might be phrased as the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming."
Another term towards eternal happiness is also known as self-discovery. It brings to the meaning where people attempt to determine how they feel, personally, about spiritual issues or priorities,rather than following the opinions of family, friends, neighbourhood or peer pressure. It is very much about "finding oneself".

I think the surrounding created various kind of people in this world and all pretending to someone else they envy or admire .I was one of them, I was.
 ' I want to be as successful as Bill Gates'  ' I want to be a well-known surgeon like my uncle'  ' 'One day I will be as rich as my friend,X' and the line goes about how people want to be like someone else. 
They may struggle all the way up,if lucky, they reach at the top of the ladder and if they don't, they tumble down and break few bones. But does that really brings your own eternal happiness and contentment? 

All you have to do is trying every bit that life has to offer you, don't just stick to that very routine you do every single day. Trials brings the best out of you and you will be surprised to know that something better is there that makes you happy eternally.Once you have actually discovered yourself, you will stop and just lead that perfect life of your own. You and I will be authentically just ourselves!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Present is here with us :)

The life that we have right now may have not been something we may have imagined it to be. Perhaps better in many ways,as miracles do happen.

We do plan out our lives, thinking what we may be in 5 years to come, what to achieve in 10 years  and how we may dream to retire. But our plans may not just end like we planned,it may be something better or even unexpected.

Planning is a good thing but putting too much of hope may just destroy our will power in pursuing life when things don't go the way we wanted it to be.

If you ask what I imagine when I am 30, I think I picture myself married with a child, pursuing my post-graduate, living in a cosy house filled with happiness with a beautiful family. Picture perfect uh? Well,it may turn out to be totally different than I imagine but positively thinking, something much better.

Why even bother thinking about the future when the present is here with us now? I find many people are busy planning and dreaming over the future while wasting all the time they have to enjoy what the present has to offer.

Well, right now,I think I'm having a great time living the present. At times,yes,I do think so much of the future, dream about it, create hopes and make myself sad when things don't go the way I want it to be.That's a mistake and it's a lesson learnt to just go with the flow.
So,why worry about the future when it's all written in the stars...
 -Miss Cookie Cream 

Commitment is a BIG word

COMMITMENT, a word many find it not easily digestible. True? Commitment is merely a promise, attachment, contract and an act of engaging oneself to something faithfully. One of the interesting commitment I find many among us may fear of is  Relationship Commitments.We call these people Commitment Phobic,I think I am at stage one of it after few interesting experiences.
It just made me think why there are people who are not interested in a relationship,where relationship is described to be giving a person love and care.To my surprise,there are people who don't want it and prefer to stay unloved. 

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.-Mother Teresa

As I believe that everyone in this world deserves to be loved, especially loved by this special person because the questions strike,' How long are you going to be this way? Are you going to grow old alone and regret never to love and to be loved?'

True as to say it, as you grow older,you need that companionship. People who tend not to bother it much now would eventually regret it for not even trying when they were much younger.

Why commitment seems a fear? What I think about it after reading and analysing?
1. The fear of losing one's own space. True enough, you may lose lil of your space but look at the brighter side,you get to share with someone.Afraid that the space is taken too much? Speak out and set a lil barrier and enjoy the life.
2.The fear of losing the loved one. When you live in the fear, it's the constant reminder of that fear that would cause you to react in a way  to lose that loved one. So, stay positive and miracles do happen.
3.The change of lifestyle. Yes, there would be a little change of lifestyle when you get into a relationship, you get to do cool stuffs that you have been doing all alone. You will have someone to share what you love.
4.An extra responsibility.Truly said, a responsibility. As one takes their profession as priority and be responsible, a relationship responsibility is something that would last you a lifetime. Caring and loving someone and a family of your own is something you pay forward, meaning parents love and care for us & we do back in return to our own family.And it carries on as a good deed in life.
5.Life would not be about me any more. Well, life isn't just about you,unless you are on a planet with you all alone in it. In a relationship, you get to be yourself,unleash your best and being able to make the best of it with people who care for you the most. At that time, life would be about You and Me, a more meaningful life that you will not regret.

As we look about why people,maybe you and I, don't want commitment, it's all the FEAR.
Fear of this and afraid of that. So, these people live in fear where they lose the joy of living this beautiful yet colourful life . 
I think sooner i'll change my thoughts about it, because life has so much to offer. 
Grab the opportunity while stock lasts! :)

- Miss Cookie Cream with love

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Why Blog?

Many may ponder why do people just blog,instead of talking. Well, I have my reasons for blogging.

1. Bloggers ain't people of solitude,meaning being remote from society. Myself, i have my job which I am busy with, love the times with the innocent kids and i do talk a lot,especially when I am working (i think I don't have a choice) . There are many issues in my mind that I wish I could just talk randomly to people but I may not have the right person to talk,so I talk to my blog ,not bothering even if nobody reads this.

2.I think blog is a great platform to say what you think. So,here I am on my blog :) I don't find it easy to say what's in my mind to people. Well, I don't talk personal problems here. Perhaps, just some issues that I may have thought of, some experience that i would love to share and information that may be useful to you.

3.Everybody is different. Even you and me. I believe that each individual is different in their actions and thoughts and I highly respect that. Just as how all our fingers are of not the same sizes. Your perspective in life may differ to mine but it doesn't mean you are wrong or I am. It's just probably the environment we were growing up in.

4.People change over time. You may know what kind of a person I am. Well, these are all my thoughts and  definitely it will display my authentic personality. 

5. Blogging is a lifestyle! Some people prefer to talk and talk to people they meet , some people just talk to themselves (which eventually would just make them crazy), some just chatting with strangers and some just blog as to express themselves. Myself,as an Art student, learning about expressing oneself, I think Blog has found its special place in my heart. I may not be blogging in 2 years time, my lifestyle may change. It's a lifestyle and it's always evolving!

Why do you blog? or Why do you not blog?

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Miss G meets Miss S

Miss G & Miss S had one thing in common, the past. Reminiscing old memories over different periods of time ,made the both of us to realize the  how silly we could have been in the past. Yet,it was amazing being able to just talk and share what the mind has to say. I felt a relief of being able to just say what i have been hiding in myself for some time. Even two different pasts that would have been hurting, i think a great start of friendship between Miss G and Miss S just bloomed. I appreciate what the past has given to me and I'm glad what the present has to offer me :) Well, there goes another phase of my life,meeting other awesome people in life. Life is just so beautiful filled with people from other walks of life. I love the adventure life has to offer. So,yea... Miss G says Hi & let's be friends to Miss S

Friday, 17 August 2012

Never Supress Generous a Thought

It's just great when the thoughts are flowing right through your head and words are all appearing on the screen just so fast. There is just a lot to say and a lot to share  in this amazing world we are in. Unfortunately, we have less people to hear our thoughts and here i am at my blog :) It seems like a great place to share your thoughts and people may not even notice what you wrote,as long you have expressed it.As the saying goes, 'Never Supress Generous Thoughts'.  Here I am, after years of neglecting my blog , here I am to revive it. It just feels good to be back here !

I haven't met you yet...

At this age, marriage is all they talk about to me. Friends, family, relatives and just anybody after asking my age.  It's just that i haven't the right person yet. Yep, I haven't met him yet. He is somewhere out there and here I am just waiting patiently. It has never came across my mind over this issue since recently. I was enjoying my great single life,doing stuffs i love to do with family and friends. But then , there was this one day,i decided to just take the next step....But yet, i still haven't met him yet.

It's just beautifully said by Micheal Buble in his song 'I Haven't Met You Yet'.

I might have to wait, I'll never give upI guess it's half timing, and the other half's luckWherever you are, whenever it's rightYou'll come out of nowhere and into my life