Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Commitment is a BIG word

COMMITMENT, a word many find it not easily digestible. True? Commitment is merely a promise, attachment, contract and an act of engaging oneself to something faithfully. One of the interesting commitment I find many among us may fear of is  Relationship Commitments.We call these people Commitment Phobic,I think I am at stage one of it after few interesting experiences.
It just made me think why there are people who are not interested in a relationship,where relationship is described to be giving a person love and care.To my surprise,there are people who don't want it and prefer to stay unloved. 

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.-Mother Teresa

As I believe that everyone in this world deserves to be loved, especially loved by this special person because the questions strike,' How long are you going to be this way? Are you going to grow old alone and regret never to love and to be loved?'

True as to say it, as you grow older,you need that companionship. People who tend not to bother it much now would eventually regret it for not even trying when they were much younger.

Why commitment seems a fear? What I think about it after reading and analysing?
1. The fear of losing one's own space. True enough, you may lose lil of your space but look at the brighter side,you get to share with someone.Afraid that the space is taken too much? Speak out and set a lil barrier and enjoy the life.
2.The fear of losing the loved one. When you live in the fear, it's the constant reminder of that fear that would cause you to react in a way  to lose that loved one. So, stay positive and miracles do happen.
3.The change of lifestyle. Yes, there would be a little change of lifestyle when you get into a relationship, you get to do cool stuffs that you have been doing all alone. You will have someone to share what you love.
4.An extra responsibility.Truly said, a responsibility. As one takes their profession as priority and be responsible, a relationship responsibility is something that would last you a lifetime. Caring and loving someone and a family of your own is something you pay forward, meaning parents love and care for us & we do back in return to our own family.And it carries on as a good deed in life.
5.Life would not be about me any more. Well, life isn't just about you,unless you are on a planet with you all alone in it. In a relationship, you get to be yourself,unleash your best and being able to make the best of it with people who care for you the most. At that time, life would be about You and Me, a more meaningful life that you will not regret.

As we look about why people,maybe you and I, don't want commitment, it's all the FEAR.
Fear of this and afraid of that. So, these people live in fear where they lose the joy of living this beautiful yet colourful life . 
I think sooner i'll change my thoughts about it, because life has so much to offer. 
Grab the opportunity while stock lasts! :)

- Miss Cookie Cream with love

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