Monday, 27 August 2012

It brings JOY

At one point of my life, I was thinking it is going to be horrible being stuck in a school environment my whole life but now I beg to differ. I totally love it.
I think being an educator seems so much of fun than any profession I can think of. 

Dealing with young kids who are  innocent makes me feel so good.
When lessons are going on , they trust the teacher very much.Here I am, happily taking the responsibility in loving what I do and enjoying every bit of the effort to be taken.

Currently,  I am teaching at my alma mater. Now, my teachers are my colleagues. It was weird and awkward at first, but eventually adapted to it as I still do call them 'Teacher'.

Today,after being away from the girls for 1 1/2 weeks for the Raya break, they just screamed out of excitement as I entered the classroom. For few minutes,I felt like a celebrity. Hahax! It was delightful to see the children are actually excited to start their lesson as I always believed, lessons are made very meaningful through colourful lessons. The joy in their eyes gives me great pleasure to teach them with all my heart. Totally a bliss!

Out of the blue while teaching, the Year 1 girls would randomly approach me and give me gifts, very innocent with a loving heart. They would actually parcel their favourite possessions like their pencils, erasers or even key-chains,being so speechless, I will return it to them saying that I would love them to use it instead. Not knowing how to show their love to me, these young girls would draw pictures of flowers,hearts or even me to give it to me. How thoughtful!

From these little moves these young kids, we adults forget how to love and appreciate people around us. There are so much to learn from these kids and I thank God for the blessing given to experience this wonderful journey of life. 


  1. Being a teacher is a really noble profession as they are the assets and also foundation to the next generation of leaders in the country. Go Miss Cooke & Cream!

    1. Thank u very much miss Berries :) Loving it...

  2. Ah, the perks of working at a primary school :)

    1. Definitely the perks! :) gosh,im gonna miss all these