Friday, 24 August 2012

Defining the Imperfect Me

Who am I?
 It's a question many may ponder upon a long time and then struggle to define themselves after much thoughts. Some may be confident that they are what they are, not knowing that they have not found themselves defined in their personal dictionary.

Defining myself has been an awesome journey, I never knew that I would be utilizing this much of colours in my life. My self-discovery journey has changed a lot about me where I have the least expectations in life.I just carry on life with what it offers me and enjoy what the present gives me.
For instance, I do not have an imaginary thinking about what my future life partner would even be like, I accept whoever who can accept me *period*

My journey of life has been very exciting where I met tonnes of awesome and not-so-awesome (lol) people who taught me how the world is really like. I have travelled almost half the globe, ate almost all kinds of food, fell in love with all sorts of art, appreciated almost everything that life have shown me, achieving dreams that once I thought impossible, met all sorts of people, listened and figured out alien languages, read just many genres, made people smile, people made me happy and it goes on. 

I like the part where I do not pursue my life in meeting people who fulfil my expectations and desires. I just meet them with mutual interest and the amount of things I learn and discover from that one person is massive. I find that I am very much flexible about life and enjoying every bit of life. 
Life is an adventure and the journey is simply mind-blowing.

I maybe inked,I could be a fashionista, I love to listen to songs and dance, but that really does not make me a wild girl as many have presumed about me. I am just a typical girl brought up in a much spiritual journey because of my family background, who is so against smoking and drinking because I find it so unhealthy and it being a silly lifestyle. Most people tend to be surprised when they discovery the other part of me  and the worst part that I am totally a bummer at  meeting new people. 

Personally, I do not judge people. God created everyone of us uniquely different, many cannot seem to accept the differences that one can portray. It is a sad thing that people judge others by their looks and lifestyle when they fail to realize that he/she may be struggling from something we may not be aware of which is hidden.
No one is perfect, even you and me. I am doing it perfectly, being the imperfect Me.
- Miss Cookie Cream

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