Sunday, 19 August 2012

Why Blog?

Many may ponder why do people just blog,instead of talking. Well, I have my reasons for blogging.

1. Bloggers ain't people of solitude,meaning being remote from society. Myself, i have my job which I am busy with, love the times with the innocent kids and i do talk a lot,especially when I am working (i think I don't have a choice) . There are many issues in my mind that I wish I could just talk randomly to people but I may not have the right person to talk,so I talk to my blog ,not bothering even if nobody reads this.

2.I think blog is a great platform to say what you think. So,here I am on my blog :) I don't find it easy to say what's in my mind to people. Well, I don't talk personal problems here. Perhaps, just some issues that I may have thought of, some experience that i would love to share and information that may be useful to you.

3.Everybody is different. Even you and me. I believe that each individual is different in their actions and thoughts and I highly respect that. Just as how all our fingers are of not the same sizes. Your perspective in life may differ to mine but it doesn't mean you are wrong or I am. It's just probably the environment we were growing up in.

4.People change over time. You may know what kind of a person I am. Well, these are all my thoughts and  definitely it will display my authentic personality. 

5. Blogging is a lifestyle! Some people prefer to talk and talk to people they meet , some people just talk to themselves (which eventually would just make them crazy), some just chatting with strangers and some just blog as to express themselves. Myself,as an Art student, learning about expressing oneself, I think Blog has found its special place in my heart. I may not be blogging in 2 years time, my lifestyle may change. It's a lifestyle and it's always evolving!

Why do you blog? or Why do you not blog?


  1. I blog because of reason #1. And with all the distractions we have in life, it's refreshing to sit and type and think of what's really inside my mind. Sort of downloading them down to your blog to free yourself some space for happiness.

    1. hey Cherry :) yup,it's truly refreshing and i guess it's just the way people like us express ourselves :) Hoorah to blog!

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