Saturday, 18 August 2012

Miss G meets Miss S

Miss G & Miss S had one thing in common, the past. Reminiscing old memories over different periods of time ,made the both of us to realize the  how silly we could have been in the past. Yet,it was amazing being able to just talk and share what the mind has to say. I felt a relief of being able to just say what i have been hiding in myself for some time. Even two different pasts that would have been hurting, i think a great start of friendship between Miss G and Miss S just bloomed. I appreciate what the past has given to me and I'm glad what the present has to offer me :) Well, there goes another phase of my life,meeting other awesome people in life. Life is just so beautiful filled with people from other walks of life. I love the adventure life has to offer. So,yea... Miss G says Hi & let's be friends to Miss S


  1. oowhh guhan! same emotions, but at different stage of life! :(
    good on you tho! hope it brings awesomee new characters in your next chapter!


  2. suya! yea,truly...thanks alot dear! awesome people in my current n upcoming it :)