Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Present is here with us :)

The life that we have right now may have not been something we may have imagined it to be. Perhaps better in many ways,as miracles do happen.

We do plan out our lives, thinking what we may be in 5 years to come, what to achieve in 10 years  and how we may dream to retire. But our plans may not just end like we planned,it may be something better or even unexpected.

Planning is a good thing but putting too much of hope may just destroy our will power in pursuing life when things don't go the way we wanted it to be.

If you ask what I imagine when I am 30, I think I picture myself married with a child, pursuing my post-graduate, living in a cosy house filled with happiness with a beautiful family. Picture perfect uh? Well,it may turn out to be totally different than I imagine but positively thinking, something much better.

Why even bother thinking about the future when the present is here with us now? I find many people are busy planning and dreaming over the future while wasting all the time they have to enjoy what the present has to offer.

Well, right now,I think I'm having a great time living the present. At times,yes,I do think so much of the future, dream about it, create hopes and make myself sad when things don't go the way I want it to be.That's a mistake and it's a lesson learnt to just go with the flow.
So,why worry about the future when it's all written in the stars...
 -Miss Cookie Cream 


  1. Sometimes I envy those who can get their life really on the 'ideal' track - study, work, get married, have a child and so on. I wonder how their lives can be so perfect, when for me my future life is pretty hazy. But i refuse to be sorry for myself and im just living every day as it is - whatever will be, will be! :D

    1. Amanda,don't you think what you and i think is much better,we explore what the present has to offer, we are actually living our lives.Basically,we are living the life!